IB български език

International Baccalaureate Language A1 Bulgarian Self-Taught

Zlatarski International School – Sofia offers Language A1 Bulgarian to external students as a Self Taught Subject. The course is offered online guaranteeing contact with an experienced IB Bulgarian A1 teacher through email once a week.

The Language A1 Bulgarian Distance Learning Course includes:

  • Teacher provides course syllabus and designs timetable with student
  • Teacher consultations take place once a week via email
  • Teacher assigns specific projects that help prepare the student (10 assignments per course)
  • Teacher evaluates the projects and gives recommendations
  • Teacher provides appropriate study material, samples for Paper 1 and Paper 2 exams
  • Guidance in selecting topic and preparing World Literature Assignment in accordance with IBO regulations.
  • Teacher provides and clarifies exam evaluation criteria
  • Teacher provides guidance in the execution of World Literature Assignments
  • Teacher is available for student consultations at the school premises (up to 5 hours per course)

The tuition fee for administering the course is €790 per academic year payable in advance. Interested students should get in contact with the IB Coordinator at info@zlatarskischool.org for further information.