11.10.2011 IB Viva Voce: Успех и тази година!

The annual International Baccalaureate Viva Voce took place at Zlatarski School on the 11th of October and was attended and well received by students and staff alike.

As with every year the 12th grade students have to give a presentation which aims to justify the Extended Essay topics they have chosen to do. The event was attended not only by the 12th graders, also many of the 11th grade students were part of the audience.

All of the presentations were of a high quality however some of the ‘standout’ ones were presented by Vassil Ivanov who presented on Hitler’s relationship with his top Generals and Ekaterina who did an interesting piece on the cultural relevance of the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Over the whole event was a huge success which built on the very successful first Viva last year. Congratulations to all students who took part.