12.10. 2010 Viva Voce @ Zlatarski School

12.10. 2010 Viva Voce @ Zlatarski School The IB Diploma 12th grade students carried out their presentations today in the form of a Viva as part of the extended essay component of the IB Diploma programme. The students had 10 minutes to complete their presentation and 5 minutes to answer questions from the audience. We at Zlatarski are pleased to announce that all 21 students carrying out the Viva successfully completed. The topics for the presentation were in the areas of Bulgarian and English Language, History, Economics and Physics. We congratulate all the students who successfully delivered their viva. It must be noted and the students should be congratulated because the audience ranged 20 to 40 peers and teachers. Delivering a presentation is not an easy thing to do so we hope you all join the Zlatarski school staff in congratulating the students.