18 December 2007 Christmas charity event

18 December 2007 Christmas charity event Under the initiative of the 10 graders, Zlatarski School organized a Christmas charity event for the children at DDU in the area of Hadji Dimitar in Sofia. Head organizers of the event were Natalia, Iliana, Maria – Louisa, Iliana, Teodora, Plamen from the 10 graders and Mark from the 9 grade.  Maria- Louisa Hacho Boyadzieva, class of 2010, reports: “All students from grades 8 and 10 participated in the initiative. We collected sweets, fruit, CDs with music and films, games, clothes. We were welcomed by the children with great excitement and many thanks. The children were very kind, greeting every one of us, as they introduced themselves. We found that many of them are really good in art. They organized a show for us in which they sang and danced. We met some very talented and friendly children, who were not afraid of expressing their feelings”