08.09.2011: IB Retreat 2011

So the academic year starts again and as with every year the first event on the academic calendar is the IB retreat. As with other years the IB retreat was over two days and works as a comprehensive information session for the new 11th grade IB students.

While the retreat this year still included all the presentations from previous years the second day focused more on activities rather than presentations. There was also an opportunity to introduce new members of staff.

The activities on the second day involved the students deciding what would be an ideal IB student, the qualities that would be needed compared to the qualities they have now. There was also an opportunity for the students to get some first-hand experience in how the CAS element of the programme worked, with a role play.

Finally, the students received some very valuable advice on how to deal with IB stress. All in all it was agreed by both students and staff alike that the two day event had been very useful and a lot of fun.

Here’s wishing all the students the very best for the forthcoming IB academic year.

Daniel Parsons, IB Office at Zlatarski School

More pictures from the event can be found in our gallery: www.zlatarskischool.org/gallery