Образователен софтуер по математика, биология, физика и химия в Гимназия Златарски

Учениците от 8, 9, 10, 11 и 12 клас на Гимназия Златарски вече ще могат да използват дигитални уроци в часовете по математика, биология, физика и химия. Софтуерът е специално разработен във Великобритания и е съобразен със съдържанието на IGCSE и IB учебниците. Дигиталните уроци по природни науки и математика са инсталирани и готови за използване чрез интерактивните бели дъски във всяка класна стая на училището.

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Чрез анимации, виртуални експерименти и образователни игри интерактивните уроци правят по-интересни часовете по природни науки и математика. Интегрирането на образователния софтуер и интерактивните уроци в клас е част от големия проект на Гимназия Златарски Интерактивни технологии във всяка класна стая.

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По математика Гимназия Златарски разполага с дигитални уроци на следното учебно съдържание:

  • Bar charts, line graphs and pie charts, Calculating averages, Combined probability
  • Continuous data, Cumulative frequency and box plots, Data collection, Drawing frequency diagrams
  • Experimental probability, Probability, Stem-and-leaf and scatter graphs, The data handling cycle, Tree diagrams
  • Advanced inequalities, Algebraic fractions, Calculus, Decimal calculations, Decimals
  • Factorizing, Formulae, Fractions, Functions, Generating sequences, Graphs of non-linear functions
  • Index laws, Index laws 2, Integers, Inverse functions, LCM and HCF, Linear equations, Linear graphs
  • Manipulating formulae, More quadratics, Multiples, factors and prime numbers, Other sequences
  • Percentage changes, Percentages, Powers and proportion, Powers and roots, Proportion, Ratio
  • Real-life graphs, Rounding, Set theory, Simple inequalities, Simultaneous equations 1, Simultaneous equations 2
  • Solving quadratics, Standard form, Surds, Working with brackets, Working with fractions
  • 3-D shapes, Applying Pythagoras’ Theorem, Applying trigonometry, Area, Circle calculations, Circles
  • Congruence and similarity, Construction, Cubes and cuboids, Enlargement, Further trigonometry
  • Lines and angles, Loci, Matrices, Measures, More measures, Polygons, Pythagoras’ Theorem,
  • Symmetry and reflection, Translation and rotation, Triangles and quadrilaterals, Trigonometry
  • Trigonometry graphs and rules, Using vectors, Vectors
  • Statistics and Probability 1, Statistics and Probability 2 Number and Algebra 1, Number and Algebra 2
  • Number and Algebra 3, Number and Algebra 4, Geometry and Measures 1, Geometry and Measures 2
  • Geometry and Measures 3, Geometry and Measures 4

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По биология Гимназия Златарски разполага с дигитални уроци на следното учебно съдържание:

  • Active Transport, Adaptation, Alcohol and Tobacco, Anaerobic Respiration, Asexual Reproduction,
  • Bacteria and Viruses, Blood, Breathing, Cells, Circulation, Classifying Organisms, Cloning, Combatting Infection
  • Competition, Diet, Exercise and Health, Diffusion, DNA, Drug Use and Addiction, Energy Transfers in Food Chains
  • Enzymes, Evolution, Exchanging Materials in Plants, Exchanging Materials, Excretion, Food production
  • Genetic Engineering, Glucoregulation, Heart Disease, Homeostasis, Hormones, Human Growth and Development
  • Human Impact on the Environment, Human Reproduction, Humans and the Environment, Immunization
  • Inheritance, Inherited Disorders, Investigating Ecosystems, Kidney Failure, Leaves, Meiosis and Reproduction
  • Microorganisms in Food Production, Minerals for Plants, Mitosis, Multicellular Organisms, Nutrients
  • Osmosis, Pathogens and Disease, Photosynthesis, Plant Hormones, Plant Reproduction, Respiration
  • Similarity and Variation, Sustainability, The Carbon Cycle, The Digestive System, The Eye and Seeing, The Heart
  • The Nervous System, The Nitrogen Cycle, Using Enzymes, Water Cycle, Yeast and Fermentation

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По химия Гимназия Златарски разполага с дигитални уроци на следното учебно съдържание:

  • Acids and Alkalis, Air, Alcohols, Alkanes, Alloys, Alternative Fuels, Atomic Structure, Calcium Carbonate
  • Calculating with Moles, Carboxylic Acids, Changing Reaction Rates, Changing the Atmosphere, Chemical Reactions
  • Chromatography, Combustion, Covalent Bonding, Cracking Hydrocarbons, Crude Oil, Earth’s Atmosphere
  • Electrolysis 1, Electrolysis 2, Electron Arrangement, Energy Changes in Reaction, Extracting Metals by Electrolysis
  • Extracting Metals by Reduction, Formulae and Equations, Fossil Fuels and the Environment, Fractional Distillation
  • Fuel Cells, Gas Volumes, Giant Covalent Structures, Group 0 Noble Gases, Group 1 Alkali Metals,
  • Group 1 and Transition Elements, Group 7 Halogens Heating and Cooling, Hydrocarbon Fuels, Incomplete Combustion
  • Introducing Atoms, Ionic Compounds, Ions and Ionic Bonding, Isotopes, Making Ethanol, Making Polymers, Making Salts
  • Measuring Reaction Rates, Metallic Bonding, Moles, Plant Oils, Polymers and the Environment, Precipitates
  • Properties and Uses of Polymers, Properties of Metals, Qualitative Analysis, Quantitative Chemistry, Reactions in Chemistry
  • Redox Reactions and Rusting, Reversible Reactions, Spectroscopy and Flame Tests, The Contact Process
  • The Haber Process, The Periodic Table, Titrations, Water Quality, Yield

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По физика Гимназия Златарски разполага с дигитални уроци на следното учебно съдържание:

  • Acceleration, Analogue and Digital Signals, Atoms and Isotopes, Car Safety, Circuit Components, Circular Motion
  • Communicating with Radio Waves and Microwaves, Communicating with Visible Light and Infrared
  • Current Voltage and Resistance, Diffraction Dispersion and Interference, Diodes, Capacitors and Transistors
  • Dynamics, Effects of Static Electricity, Elasticity, Electric Fields, Electrical Circuits, Electrical Power
  • Electrical Wiring and Safety, Electricity Distribution, Electricity Supply, Electromagnetic Spectrum
  • Energy Resources, Energy Transformations, Equations of Motion, Evaluating Energy Resources, Falling Objects
  • Forces, Generators, Half-life, Heating with Microwaves and Infrared, Insulation, Ionizing Radiation, Lenses
  • Light, Logic Gates, Magnetic Fields, Materials, Mechanics, Medical Physics, Momentum and Collisons
  • Momentum Collisions and Forces, Motion in the Solar System, Motors, Nuclear Fuels and Fission, Optics
  • Particle Physics, Particles and Energy Transfer, Potential and Kinetic Energy, Power Stations, Radioactive Decay
  • Radioactive Substances, Reflection Refraction and Diffraction, Resistance and Resistivity, Resistance
  • Series and Parallel Circuits, Specific Heat Capacity, Specific Latent Heat, Speed, Static Electricity, Stopping Distances
  • The Solar System, The Universe, Thermal Radiation, Total Internal Reflection, Transformers, Ultrasound
  • Ultraviolet Radiation, Using Electricity, Vectors, Volume Pressure and Temperature
  • Wave Properties, Waves, Work and Power

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