Новини от часовете по английски език в Гимназия Златарски с г-н Пол Клевърли

Ето какво споделя г-н Пол Клевърли, учител по английски език в Международна гимназия Златарски:

“Hi there. Just a few words to inform everyone who is interested in the progress made by the students with regard to their English speaking. On the whole, I must say that as a native English speaker, I have been very impressed so far with the general standard of English speaking by the entire student body as I have gone through a process of assessing their spoken English performance in recent weeks.

20150226_131507Whilst I naturally hesitate to mention particular students due to the fact that the vast majority of students across all classes have excelled themselves, I nonetheless do think it worthwhile to draw attention to one or two students who have particularly performed at a very high level. For example in the 9th Grade, Christiana Kamenovska and Stefka Ilieva really excelled when delivering a four minute presentation on ‘Rules in the Family Home’ and Elitsa Zafirova and Martin Bogdanovski in the 11th Grade performed particularly well when making their presentation on ‘British Culture and Customs’.

Since September I have been privileged to deliver a series of extra curricula lessons on the subjects of ‘British Culture and Customs’ as well as on ‘The United Nations and Amnesty International’. Students who have attended have interacted with subjects as diverse as ‘The Origins of the British Flag’ and ‘Remembrance Day Customs and Traditions’ as well as ‘The History and Role of the United Nations’ and ‘The History of UN Peacekeepers’. In future lessons we will continue looking at a variety of British customs and traditions as well as beginning to focus on ‘Human Rights’ and the work of Amnesty International as an independent body that focuses on raising public awareness on human rights abuses on a global scale.

Students who have attended the extra lessons have been enriched by them as they engage with and learn more about the topics under consideration. I, for one, have enjoyed the experience of delivering the lessons and I look forward to continue to engage with the students as the future progresses.”

Mr. Cleverly