Презентации на тема изкуствен интелект и теория на познанието в Международно училище Златарски

Presentations on artificial intelligence and ToK at ZLATARSKI INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL

Events such as the Humanities Conference @ Zlatarski International School aim to bring students from all years closer. Learning from your peers can be an invaluable way of discovering your own interests and aspirations.
Today: 12th graders doing their Theory of Knowledge presentations in front of their younger schoolmates. ToK is one of the most important subjects at the core of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme where students train their critical thinking and learn how to approach an issue from several directions or “areas of knowledge”. As the ToK subject is specific to the IB Programme, it’s wonderful that older students who are almost at the end of their IB journey are motivated to show their younger schoolmates what it’s all about and to give tips and hints that they have discovered themselves.