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Ученик постига максимални IB резултати по математика и физика и отлична IB Diploma

С максимални резултати по Математика и Физика в своята International Baccalaureate Diploma, Александър Желев от Випуск 2022 на Международна гимназия Златарски продължава образованието си в специалност “Компютърни науки и инженерство” в Технически университет Делфт, Холандия. Той постигна отлична IB диплома с 41 точки и завърши училището с 3 науки – математика, физика и икономика и 3 езика – английски, български и немски.

Александър постигна топ резултати 7 (от 7) по Математика (високо ниво) и Физика (високо ниво). Техническият университет Делфт е в топ 10 в света за инженерни науки и технологии. Поздравяваме Александър за неговите постижения, труд и постоянство.

Ето кратко интервю с един от най-добрите ученици на Международна гимназия Златарски:

School: Congratulations on your impressive achievements in the IB Diploma Programme. You took 4 HL subjects and you received outstanding results in two of the most difficult subjects at HL – Mathematics and Physics. Why did you choose the IB and which IB courses did you take?

Alexander: I chose the IB programme because I had not yet decided what I wanted to study after school. By taking IB I could make that decision later since it is recognised by many universities around the world. My six subjects were: Mathematics AA HL, Physics HL, Bulgarian A HL, English B HL, Economics SL and German SL.

School: How would you describe the working process and the subject content in the IB program at Zlatarski International School? Were the teachers helpful and how did they support you?

Alexander: The content was sometimes challenging but the teachers made it simpler to digest. We were always given the opportunity to ask and have our questions answered and, I am not even exaggerating here, teachers would sacrifice sleep to look through our internal assessments one last time. They helped us out every step of the way.

School: How do you think you could use what you’ve learned in class in real life?

Alexander: The content of my subjects is definitely useful in specific situations, but in everyday life I think the biggest takeaway from the IB is the dedication that IB taught me. I’ve always been meticulous and I try to be thorough with everything I do, and IB strengthened these qualities of mine, especially through the projects I had to do as internal assessments.

Ученици от Випуск 2022 – последен учебен ден

School: What was the most interesting project you have done at Zlatarski International School?

Alexander: My favourite project from the IB programme was the extended essay, although I wrote most of it over the summer. I picked a topic related to my favourite subject, maths, and it was really enjoyable doing the necessary research and thinking about some really interesting concepts. Of course, I had my EE coordinator Mr Kortezov by my side while I was writing it, so I had someone to ask for help whenever I had doubts.

School: What is the most memorable moment at Zlatarski School for you? What did you like most about your time here?

Alexander: I liked my classmates, I liked my teachers and I liked the subjects I studied. It was a great overall experience. My favourite moments in Zlatarski were probably the times at the end of year 11 when some teachers would take us out to play some sports together, and others who had no lessons would join in. I think closing the distance between students and teachers should be something schools focus more on because it really helped me study better, and that some events or clubs should be organised to achieve this outside of the classes.

School: What advice would you give Zlatarski School students who are following in your steps?

Alexander: My advice would be to just do what you enjoy. Do not fall for the trap of easy grades. Studying a subject you do not enjoy for 2 years is a very unpleasant experience and the end result will probably not be great considering you would not put much effort into studying something you enjoy. The same goes for writing a 4000-word essay. I am grateful for insisting on writing an extended essay in Mathematics and not going for English or Bulgarian, which I am certain would not have been as successful.

School: What are your plans for university studies? How do you think the IB program prepared you for university?

Alexander: I will study Computer Science and Engineering at TU Delft in the Netherlands. The IB gave me a taste of a heavier workload than I was used to before and it also taught me how to write essays, which I’ve heard is an integral part of university studies.

Well done, Alexander! TU Delft in the Netherlands in the top 10 universities in the world for Engineering and Technology.

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